Developing Components

Ayllu is split up into several distinct components, to work on one of them you typically want to start one of two feedback cycles: lint->test->compile or compile->serve. To start each one you can can run scripts/ $COMPONENT or scripts/ $COMPONENT and the appropriate cargo watch command will be started for you.

Testing the Entire CI Workflow

You can run all of the CI tests locally by invoking ayllu-build directly, assuming it is compiled it can be launched like this:

# run all tests in .ayllu
ayllu-build evaluate

The Ayllu website and project documentation are built together with Zola which you must install. After which you can startup a local preview of the site with the following commands:

cd www && zola serve

The generated content are hosted directly from Ayllu and you simply need to build and commit the generated code directly into the repository.

cd www && zola build


Diagrams are built with nomnoml and their SVG content contain the source for generating the diagrams. Simply open one of the source SVGs up and copy-paste it to the editor of the nomnoml website.