Welcome to Ayllu!

A Hyper Performant & Hackable Code Forge Built on Open Standards

Ayllu is a lightweight code forge designed to enable individuals and community projects develop software in collaboration across open internet standards.

General Purpose Git UI

General purpose web based UI for git. Browse hosted projects, view contributors, source code, blame, releases, etc.

Source Code Analysis

Super accurate syntax highlighting and code composition insight across project history.

Incremental Jobs

A built-in configurable incremental jobs system controlled via Git hooks and/or cron to extend forge functionality.

Extensible Plugin System

An extensible RPC based plugin system allows adding large external integrations.

Completely Themeable

The web interface is fully customizable, a few themes already exist and more are on the way.

Web 1.5

Super fast web frontend with first class support for RSS based project subscriptions. Ayllu loads faster than any other code forge in existence. If it doesn't, it's a bug!

Static Hosting

Serve static websites directly from a git repository making project sites, documentation, or other assets simple to self-host.

Mailing List Management

Full featured email based software development workflows and mailing list management based on Mailpot 🍯.

Much More

New features planned such as continuous integration, mailing list support, external API, federation, and more.