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All of the tree-sitter parsers imported as submodules and compiled for easy use by downstream projects. Each parser is exposed as a shared module that can be dynamically loaded in another application. Generated source code is also shipped for use in build scripts.


The best way to install this is via your package manager.

Known Distribution Packages


Manual Installation

sudo ./
# uninstall
sudo ./


You need to install ninja to build the project as well as an ANSI C compiler.

git submodule update --init --recursive
# generate tree-sitter parsers
# package all of the parsers into the target directory
# compile shared parser objects

Adding New Languages

# add a new submodule to the repository
cd grammars && git submodule add $your-tree-sitter-project
# edit the package adding your source module and adjust as needed
# regenerate the script
# rebuild the project


Suggested filesystem layout for package maintainers.







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